It’s a “NO!” day

No montageToday is a “No!” Day.

The Cute has been saying no a hundred times a day. Sometimes more. Last week we came to an impasse. I was going to shove him in a closet till this phase was over. I looked it up and found that it was illegal. Damn. So time to get creative…

Essentially, I’ve created a scenario where he gets to experience No from the other side. On a “No!” Day, I say it to everything.
No, Mommy won’t play with you. No tv. No iPad. No. No. NO!

He hates it. Go figure….I thought it was just me.

So it’s working. And now his total “No’s” have dropped to less than 10 a day including tantrums. After six, the following day is a no day. We’ve had 2. It’s a minor miracle. Of course, he’s not perfect and earned one today. And today it’s kind of backfired. I’m sick…he’s sick…and it would be really nice to just spend the day in front of the tv.

But it’s a small price to pay for my sanity on most days. And it’s helping him learn to use other ways to assert his independence…like using loud toys near mommy’s ear when she asks for quiet…or acting deaf. Well, it’s baby steps, right?


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