Blah and more of the blah

Today is my birthday. I’m 38. And it was a blah day. Blah because my whole family is sick with a cold including me. Blah because as much as my husband tried, it was hard to counteract nausea, a headache, and no appetite.

He got some balloons which I wanted…and that was nice. He got me some great gifts….and that was nice too. But we were all a little out of it and that makes for some blah.

Plus it doesn’t help that my mother forgot my birthday again. She’s done this more than once. I feel very unimportant. And blah.

My friends are all really busy lately and none of them would have had time to celebrate…and good thing too, since we would have had to cancel due to illness. Blah

I’m sad. I’m nauseous. And I’m incredibly lonely.

For the past four years…my birthday has fallen to the wayside and I really didn’t care…till today. Sigh.

It’s totally no one’s fault. I’m just…sad. And feeling a little insignificant. And no change in sight. Oh well.



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