Glass Houses

Nothing much happened today. Videotaped The Cute playing a video game…Cordy 2 to be exact. He actually just turned four but plays like a savant. It’s actually pretty impressive. I will have to post a video sometime of his game play. 

I also got a lot of incriminating looks from people as I jaywalked across the street with my son in my arms. He had left his stuffed puppy at a restaurant and was terrified that he might be stolen and we were only across the street at a coffee shop. I weighed my options. The crosswalk was enough of a ways down as to make my son feel panicked, there was only one car on the road, and we were well away from him. But from the looks of the restaurant customers and the resounding “IDIOT!” that came from said car, you would have thought I was crossing the freeway during rush hour while smoking a joint. Chill the fuck out people…My child needed quick…it was safe…and you have done worse at some point. 


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