Wining, Dining, & Thriving…

Star Trek: Into Darkness…. GO RIGHT NOW! SEE IT! NOOOOOOOW!

Ok. That’s that.

Now onto the day and wonderful evening. I had a date with a guy I hardly remember…
My husband.
It was fabulous. And I don’t use that word lightly. Or ever for that matter but I have been watching the entire collection of Sex in the City and now I’m taking like Samantha.

But I digress… It was birthday, take 2, and The Hubs took me out for dinner and a movie. We shared filet mignon, roasted beet salad, and a cheese fondue appetizer all the while sipping on a Cab flight. And then a movie that I have been dying for…the new Star Trek in 3D.

And it was all I hoped for. The movie and the date.  It felt like a real date. Like one pre-baby and pre-crappy illness. This night was so good for morale around these parts. I could feel the scars lighten a bit. And the smiles came easy. And the conversation, while sometimes straying toward The Cute(it’s fun to talk about our parenting adventures) , was mostly about us and our interests outside of Parentville. Two best friends finally catching up after a long parting.

This birthday was what I wanted. Scratch that, needed.

Oh and I got a few hours to start Bioshock Infinite, finally. Yes…I am that late to the party. It’s so pretty on the big screen!



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