As always…predictably inconsistent.

I start a blog religiously. Posting every day, excited to share my voice and experiences with the world. And then the days flash by and suddenly it’s been a week of nothing. And then I hate myself and give up. 

Same for sketchbooks.

Same for play-dates.

Same for my life. 

But lately, I haven’t let myself give up. I still do the vanishing act for awhile but then I make myself try again. And again. And it’s slowly working. I’m making a better habit and a more consistent life. 

As for what you missed in the meantime? A lot of nothing. Loads of housework, another cold, a couple play dates, and a couple of evenings by the pool. A lot of nice nothing. 

Another one of my friends was diagnosed with fibro…or something like it and it begs the question…why is this so prevalent? I want to say that it’s an epidemic but I can’t since I don’t think all my friends and I share enough of the same symptoms. Nope. It’s lazy doctoring. They shoot for the quick write off instead of the delving deeper. They don’t want to see that as a species, things aren’t looking as bright. We are essentially disintegrating on the genetic level and since it’s a slow decline, why face it? If it doesn’t kill us, they why throw money at it. 

Well, more on that later. I am just glad to recommit to the blog. I will write tomorrow. I can promise myself that. And then make another promise tomorrow. 



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