A little down for the count.

Today was a down day, pain wise. In chronic pain circles it would be an Amethyst day. That is a scale concerning purples (which incidentally is the color of fibromyalgia) and is called the Purple Pain Code. The scales goes from ligher to darker like this…
(You can read more here.)

LILAC -Light
LMA – Leave me alone!
and I add LMTFA as an extra level– LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!! (Cause really? How do these people describe this pain without swearing?Geez!)
So today sucked ass in the pain dept and so,  not coincidentally, it was also a bed day for us. I am getting better at moving by the afternoon (so the whole day wasn’t shot) but by night, I was a lump. Luckily my husband was up to the challenge and took The Cute out to a park while I lumped around in bed with the iPad.
As an aside: Might I suggest that if you have a loved one who suffers from any one of the numerous pain conditions out there…and you are looking for a gift….pool your monies and get them a tablet (and if you can, an iPad). I mean it. It’s been my saving grace for these past few years of hell. Light enough to hold even on a bad day and full of fun that can be rocked from a couch or bed. Oh and get them hooked on Hidden Object Games as a way of distracting themselves from their situation (but that’s a post all to itself one day). I know they will thank you, and consequently, me…

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