Sick again. Sigh

I thought I had bypassed Sky’s cold with just feeling icky. I was wrong. I was feeling so sick last night, I actually thought of going to the ER. When I get like that…everything hurts in this very weird, very bad way. Like I’m dying or something very bad is starting. It’s never as bad when the cold kicks in. It’s just the day before. I am however, hurting like a mo fo today and feel lousy. I am so sad as I was hoping to go on a date with my husband today. No such luck. 

However, I am excited. Last night, we decided to use some money we earned parking as a family(more on that some other time) to buy a very large 3D tv. It was amazingly cheap but reviewed really well.  I’ve really wanted one for awhile now but with everything we’ve gone through this year, my husband thought it was time to buy one for us as a treat. We so rarely get time off. Time to escape. Movies have been our one escape at home. And now I get to see them in Hi Def 3D! I am so excited. It comes tomorrow and I can hardly wait. And on the plus side, since I’m sick, it will be the perfect time to try it out!!!!


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