Loving Technology

The Cute and I have been spending the heat wave indoors… unfortunately still sick but at least amused by the new toys we wield. It’s been a banner week in regards to technology in the ol’ homestead and it’s made the cabin fever so much easier to deal with. First of all, we recieved our new 3D tv this week, and I can honestly say that I’m madly in love with the immersiveness it brings to our movie watching. It’s fucking amazing! I am in awe how far the technology has come since it first “popped” onto the screen in my early childhood. Gone are the days of gimmicky shocks and red and blue glasses. In its place are sophisticated and subtle additions to the movie going experience. So far, we have only a handful of 3D movies but I see that number going up steadily in the future. The Cute and my favorite is, without a doubt, Wreck it Ralph.

Additionally, the tv, itself, is so muscreenadch nicer than our old one by a clear margin. It makes the regular blurays look stunning. We were unknowingly living in the dark ages with our old HDTV and now we are basking in the clarity. Well, at least I am!

I am such a technophile. I even have to admit to tearing up during our first glipmse of 3D in our bedroom. It is just so awesome to see how far things have come in the past twenty years. I still remember the big tube sets with the giant buttons. The hazy first viewing of Jaws 3D. And now this. Between my iPad, my 3D tv, and my Blu Ray player… I have died and gone to heaven.

And it doesn’t stop there… due to some hard drive issues, we have had to reformat my laptop, as of late. In the process, it was discovered that my Windows 7 disc had been misplaced during the move. So my husband decided to add a proverbial cherry on top of the techno sundae that is this week… he bought me Windows 8! Now at first, I was reluctant… I hadn’t been keeping up on it too much but the little I had heard about the new OS wasn’t encouraging but on second glance, it looked right up my alley. First it treats the laptop like a tablet… my complaints, lately, that the tablet technology seems to be quiickly eclipsing personal computer technology seem to have been addressed. Second, the fact that it’s made for touch capability means that paired with a Splashtop Remote Windows App…well, let’s just say that I’m typing this whole post on my HDTV from the comfort of my bed via my iPad!

So now I have a touchpad remote driven 50″ screen laptop that also plays 3D movies. Does it get any better? I think not!

So while it sucks that I seem to be getting sicker rather than better… and it sucks that I have a brain MRI tomorrow to check for tumors that’s freaking me out… and it sucks that my toddler is going through some sort of demonic possession (cabin fever meets the terrible fours), at least I have some grade A spectacular escapism to distract me from all that I can’t seem to control at this very minute. And if that’s all I get this week, well then, I’ll take it and be thoroughly grateful.


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